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Schools in Meghalaya

Schools in Meghalaya

Schools in Meghalaya – Education is the only way through which we gain knowledge, skill, information, technique, and become able to know our rights and duties toward our family, society as well as the nation. Meghalaya is India’s one of the north-eastern states which has an average literacy rate of 74.43% with 75.95% male letarte population and 72.89% female literate population (both 7+ years in age). The role of schools is undeniable in terms of defining the literacy rate of any region or state.  

Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) is the official body to regulate school education in the state and also guide the state government regarding the governing policies over secondary and senior secondary educationThe school education system of Meghalaya state is categorized into four levels – lower primary (Classes I – V), upper primary (Classes VI-VIII), secondary (Class IX- X) and senior secondary (Class XI-XII). After analyzing the overall condition of schools of Meghalaya state, it can be ascertained that primary, secondary and senior secondary school education in the state is satisfying. 

The Meghalaya state has been following the national education policy of 10+2+3 but, the state will be following the new national education pattern of 5+3+3+4 after the implementation of new education policy. At present, the Education Department of Meghalaya has been divided into five different entities which are Directorate of Higher and Technical Education (DHTE), Directorate of School Education and Literacy (DSEL), Directorate of Educational Research and Training (DERT), Meghalaya Board of School Education, and Meghalaya State Council for Technical Education (MSCTE). 

In Meghalaya state, schools under the different boards are being run. At present, there are overall 6612 primary, upper primary, secondary and senior secondary schools in Meghalaya. Apart from state-run school, a number of CBSE, ICSE board school and other private schools are running in the state. The state has some notable schools famous for providing quality education and best possible infrastructure to its students. The names of noteworthy schools in Meghalaya are Kendriya Vidyalaya, B K Bajoria School, St. Edmund’s School, Pine Mount School, etc.  

Meghalaya Board of School Education

Meghalaya Board of School Education, also popular as MBOSE, is the state board of Meghalaya state which was established in 1973. Headquartered at Tura, it was started with an aim to conduct examination, frame syllabus and evaluation & certification of SSLC examination. higher secondary education. Earlier, the school education was called Pre-University (P.U.) and controlled by NEHU-North East Hills University, Shillong.

But in 1996, when the University (NEHU) discontinued the Pre-University Course, it was handed over to MBOSE, since then all the matters relating to SSLC and HSSLC are being dealt by the MBOSE itself.  

Every year, a number of students in primary and secondary level are increasing and workload has also increased in the state. Therefore, the state education department handed over some more responsibility to MBOSE. Since 1996, MBOSE has been handling all the academic matters with responsibilities divided in three wings including HSSLC Wing, ITES Wing, and SSLC wing to regulate school education in the state. The role and responsibilities of these wings are mentioned below:

  1. ITES branch looks after the scanning of registration forms, Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination forms, Allocation of Registration no. & Roll no. for Secondary and Higher Secondary Examinations etc. 
  2. The secondary branch of the board is responsible to conduct the education system for secondary class students of the state. 
  3. HIGHER Secondary Branch of the state looks after the conduct of exam for the Higher Secondary Section (Class XI & XII).

Directorate of Educational Research and Training

 The State Council of Educational Research was set up in Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI) to provide direction and thrust to School Education & Teacher Education. In 1997, SCERT became a fully-fledged Directorate of Educational Research and Training (DERT) with its own director. The main function of DERT is to help bring about qualitative improvement in the field of School Education through quality Teacher Education Programmes. The District Institute of Education and Training has spread its campuses across the state. DIETs are mainly located in total 6 districts of Meghalaya state. 

Aims and Objectives

The main role of DERT is to bring about qualitative improvement in Education, formal and non-formal, and Teacher Education in the State. The major functions of this academic institution can be broadly categorized as:

  1. Curriculum review and revision
  2. Preparation of syllabus
  3. Research and Development
  4. Preparation of instructional materials (i.e. Textbooks, Teachers’ Guides, Resource Books, Content Enrichment Materials, Supplementary Reading Materials, Handbooks, etc)
  5. In-Service Training of Teachers and Extension Programmes
  6. Dissemination of information and other functions as defined by the Government

School Education in Meghalaya 

The state has been following the national level pattern of education 10+2+3 but since the government of India has changed its education policy, the state will be following the education pattern of 5+3+3+4 after the proper implementation of this policy. As per the data available at NITI Ayog website, in the primary level, the dropout rate of the state is 7.69% while in the upper primary level, the dropout rate of the state is 17.59%. The dropout percentages at secondary and senior secondary level in the state are 28.07% and 13.82% respectively.

Number of Primary & Upper Primary Schools in Meghalaya

In separate tables below, we have provided a district-wise number of Primary & Upper Primary Schools in Meghalaya:

East Garo Hills

SchoolsGovt.Pvt. AidedPvt. Un-aidedOthers
Primary with Upper Primary51480
Pr. with Up.Pr. & sec./H.Sec.11170
Upper Primary only1007622
Up. Primary with sec./H.sec.8510
District Total :832277592

East Khasi Hills

SchoolsGovt.Pvt. AidedPvt. Un-aidedOthers
Primary with Upper Primary616280
Pr. with Up.Pr. & sec./H.Sec.425370
Upper Primary only497240
Up. Primary with sec./H.sec.159180
District Total :2147762772

Jaintia Hills

SchoolsGovt.Pvt. AidedPvt. Un-aidedOthers
Primary with Upper Primary51770
Pr. with Up.Pr. & sec./H.Sec.2530
Upper Primary only143061
Up. Primary with sec./H.sec.5620
District Total :4531416419

Ri Bhoi

SchoolsGovt.Pvt. AidedPvt. Un-aidedOthers
Primary with Upper Primary20120
Pr. with Up.Pr. & sec./H.Sec.1050
Upper Primary only1050
Up. Primary with sec./H.sec.1030
District Total :1400942

South Garo Hills

SchoolsGovt.Pvt. AidedPvt. Un-aidedOthers
Primary with Upper Primary1500
Pr. with Up.Pr. & sec./H.Sec.1100
Upper Primary only50600
Up. Primary with sec./H.sec.6200
District Total :4872120

West Garo Hills     

SchoolsGovt.Pvt. AidedPvt. Un-aidedOthers
Primary with Upper Primary36230
Pr. with Up.Pr. & sec./H.Sec.35110
Upper Primary only17174240
Up. Primary with sec./H.sec.133691
District Total :11362872211

West Khasi Hills

SchoolsGovt.Pvt. AidedPvt. Un-aidedOthers
Primary with Upper Primary312120
Pr. with Up.Pr. & sec./H.Sec.01050
Upper Primary only7103100
Up. Primary with sec./H.sec.54431
Secondary Only21190
Secondary with Higher Secondary1000
District Total :2785402841

Number of Secondary Schools in Meghalaya

In Meghalaya, there are a total of 783 Higher Secondary schools including govt, Deficit, Adhoc, Unaided or Private, Unaided or Purely Private. We have provided the district-wise number of Secondary Schools in the state in the table below:

 DistrictsGovtDeficitAdhocUnaided or PrivateUnaided or Purely Private DistrictsGovtDeficit
East Khasi Hills2+25123986612235
West Khasi Hills5102169200107
Jaintia Hills5+19203517069
West Garo Hills5+12527106660212
East Garo Hills315143515074
South Garo Hills1501223032
Ri Bhoi District26002323054

Number of Higher Secondary Schools in Meghalaya

 The state has a total of 112 Higher Secondary schools including govt, Deficit, Adhoc, Unaided or Private, Unaided or Purely Private.  Check the district-wise number of Higher Secondary Schools in Meghalaya in the table below:

 DistrictsGovtDeficitAdhocUnaided or PrivateUnaided or Purely Private
East Khasi Hills2+191895
West Khasi Hills32320
Jaintia Hills32430
West Garo Hills519140
East Garo Hills31210
South Garo Hills10110
Ri Bhoi Districts11230

Enrollment in Schools of Meghalaya (primary, upper primary, secondary, and senior secondary)

The state has been witnessing a rise in enrollment of the students in its Primary, Upper Primary, secondary, and Higher Secondary Schools every year. We have furnished the detail of Enrollment in the Schools of Meghalaya in separate tables below: 

Enrollment in Primary (Classes I – V) Schools of Meghalaya

District NamesBoysGirlsTotal
East Garo Hills262912665952950
East Khasi Hills5448553939108424
Jaintia Hills253062878254088
Ri Bhoi216992160943308
South Garo Hills145561436328919
West Garo Hills5256352559105122
West Khasi Hills401433969979842
All Districts235043237610472653

Enrollment in Primary (Classes I – VIII) Schools of Meghalaya

District NamesBoysGirlsTotal
East Garo Hills8657914417801
East Khasi Hills191502224041390
Jaintia Hills7097936516462
Ri Bhoi5323603011353
South Garo Hills390839257833
West Garo Hills171301774434874
West Khasi Hills95401131520855
All Districts7080579763150568

Enrollment in Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools of Meghalaya (for Govt, Deficit, Deficit Pattern)

Type of SchoolGovt.DeficitDeficit PatternAdhoc
Higher Secondary (+2 only)1421249403341
Grand Total1250353989102748325

Enrollment in Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools of Meghalaya (for Adhocand Morning/ Night)

Type of SchoolMorning/ NightUnaided
Higher Secondary (+2 only)01554

Number of Teachers in Schools of Meghalaya (primary, upper primary, secondary, and senior secondary)

Check the number of teachers available in primary, upper primary, secondary, and senior secondary schools of the state in separate tables below:

Number of Teachers in Primary & Upper Primary Schools of Meghalaya

District NameMale TeachersFemale TeachersNo Response in SexTotal
East Garo Hills3059168304742
East Garo Hills30766987210065
Jaintia Hills1881398605867
Ri Bhoi1513176703280
South Garo Hills182390902732
West Garo Hills55213226228769
West Khasi Hills4129351807647
Total 21002220762443102

Number of Teachers in Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools of Meghalaya

Type of SchoolGovt.DeficitDeficit PatternAdhocMorning/ NightTotal
Higher Secondary (+2 only)16612602340526
Grand Total56021068323981925147

List of Schools of Meghalaya

The state of Meghalaya has thousands of schools at a different level. These schools are being run under the different boards. Currently, thousands of government schools, Schools under Deficit Grant in AID, Schools under Adhoc Grant in AID, Self Financed schools including primary, upper primary, secondary and senior secondary are running in the state. Apart from state-run schools, various CBSE, ICSE board schools and other private schools are also operational in the state. We have provided the list of Schools of Meghalaya state in separate tables below: 

Government Higher Secondary Schools of Meghalaya

Sl. No.SchoolsPlace
1.Govt. Boys’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
2.Govt. Girls’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
3.Govt. Girls’ HSSJowai, West Jaintia Hills
4.Govt. Boys’ HSSJowai, West Jaintia Hills
5.Sohkha Govt. HSSSohkha, West Jaintia Hills
6.Sib Singh Memorial Govt. HSSNongstoin, West Khasi Hills
7.Mallangkona Govt. HSSMallangkona, West Khasi Hills
8.Tirot Singh Govt. HSSMairang, West Khasi Hills
9.Patharkhmah Govt. HSSPatharkhmah, Ri Bhoi
10.Govt. Boys’ HSSTura, West Garo Hills
11.Govt. Girls’ HSSTura, West Garo Hills
12.Dadengiri Govt. HSSDadengiri, West Garo Hills
13.Dalu Govt. Girls’ HSSDalu, South West Garo Hills
14.Ampati Govt. Girls’ HSSAmpati, South West Garo Hills
15.Rongrenggiri Govt. HSSRongrenggiri, East Garo Hills
16.United Kharkutta Govt. HSSUnited Kharkutta, East Garo Hills
17.Resubelpara Govt. HSSResubelpara, North Garo Hills
18.Baghmara Govt. HSSBaghamara, South Garo Hills

Higher Secondary Schools of Meghalaya under Deficit Grant in AID

Sl. No.SchoolsPlace
1.St. Anthony’s HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
2.Laban Bengalee Boys’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
3.Jail Road Boys’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
4.Seng Khasi HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
5.Sacred Heart Boys’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
6.St. Gabriel HSSUpper Shillong, East Khasi Hills
7.R K Mission HSSSohra, East Khasi Hills
8.Mawsynram HSSMawsynram, East Khasi Hills
9.Laban Bengalee Girls’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
10.Mairang Presbyterian HSSMairang, West Khasi Hills
11.St. Thomas HSSMairang, West Khasi Hills
12.KJP Synod HSSJowai, West Jaintia Hills
13.St Dominic HSSMawkyndeng, West Jaintia Hills
14.Khliehriat HSSKhliehriat, East Jaintia Hills
15.St. Micheal’s HSSUmsning, Ri Bhoi
16.Christian Girls’ HSSTura, West Garo Hills
17.Bajengdoba Girls’ HSSBajengdoba, East Garo Hills

Higher Secondary Schools of Meghalaya under Adhoc Grant in AID

Sl. No.SchoolsPlace
1.Synod HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
2.Sacred Heart Girls’ HSSMawlai, East Khasi Hills
3.St. Dominic Savio HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
4.St.Paul’s HSSMarbisu, East Khasi Hills
5.St. Mary’s HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
6.St. John Bosco Boys’ HSSSohra, East Khasi Hills
7.Smit HSSSmit, East Khasi Hills
8.KJP Girls’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
9.St. Anthony’s HSSPynursla, East Khasi Hills
10.St. Joseph’s HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
11.Gorkha Pathshala HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
12.Mawlai Presbyterian. HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
13.Laibah Union HSSLawbah, East Khasi Hills
14.Laitumkhrah Presbyterian HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
15.Laban Presbyterian HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
16.St. Margaret’s HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
17.Good Shepherd HSSJongksha, East Khasi Hills
18.Nongspung HSSNongspung, East Khasi Hills
19.Little Flower HSSMawbri, Ri Bhoi
20.St. Peter’s HSSPyngdengrei, West Khasi Hills
21.Langtor HSSLangtor, West Khasi Hills
22.Pariong Presbyterian HSSPariong, West Khasi Hills
23.Pongkung Church of God HSSPongkung, West Khasi Hills
24.Nativity HSSMawkyrwat, South West Khasi Hills
25.Sawlyngdoh HSSMookaiaw, West Jaintia Hills
26.St. Mary’s Mazzarello HSSJowai, West Jaintia Hills
27.Adventist HSSThadlaskein, West Jaintia Hills
28.Rymbai HSSRymbai, East Jaintia Hills
29.Shangpung Presbyterian HSSShangpung, West Jaintia Hills
30.United Bangsi Apal HSSEast Garo Hills
31.Bhaitbari HSSBhaitbari, West Garo Hills
32.Garobadha HSSWest Garo Hills
33.Tura Town HSSWest Garo Hills
34.Chokpot HSSChokpot, West Garo Hills

Newly Permitted Higher Secondary Schools of Meghalaya – Self Financed

Sl. No.SchoolsPlace
1.Nongthymmai Nepali HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
2.Mizo Modern HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
3.Lady Keane Girls’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
4.Tyrsad HSSTyrsad, East Khasi Hills
5.Auxilium Girls’ HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
6.St. Ursula Border Area HSSMawlong, East Khasi Hills
7.Holy Child HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
8.Mawryngkneng HSSMawrengkneng, East Khasi Hills
9.H.Elias Memorial HSSShillong, East Khasi Hills
10.Ri Bhoi Presbyterian HSSNongpoh, Ribhoi
11.Mynken Christian HSSBhoirymbong, Ribhoi
12.Alpha English HSSNongpoh, Ribhoi
13.Rangthong Christian HSSRangthong, West Khasi Hills
14.Mawkyllei HSSLawbyrtun, West Khasi Hills
15.Marian Hill HSSJowai, West Jaintia Hills
16.Nartiang Presbyterian HSSMoodop, West Jaintia Hills
17.St. Peter’s CollegeShillong, East Khasi Hills
18.Laishnong HSSNongbareh, West Jaintia Hills
19.Don Bosco HSSMandal, East Garo Hills
20.BNA Model HSSBhaitbari, West Garo Hills
21.Shyamnagar HSSWest Garo Hills
22.Janapriya HSSBholarbhita, West Garo Hills
23.Tikrikilla HSSTikrikilla, West Garo Hills
24.Pathorkata HSSPathorkata, West Garo Hills
25.Zekabari HSSWest Garo Hills
26.Mellim HSSWest Garo Hills
27.Rongram HSSWest Garo Hills
28.Betabari HSSWest Garo Hills
29.Haripur Namabilla HSSHaripur, West Garo Hills
30.Jawaharlal Nehru HSSPhulbari, West Garo Hills
31.Garodubi HSSRajaballa, West Garo Hills
32.Selsella HSSSelsella, West Garo Hills
33.Rongara HSSRongara, South Garo Hills

CBSE Schools in Meghalaya

S. No.NameLocationAddress
1.Army Public SchoolEast Khasi HillsShillong Cantonment Head Qrs 101 Area C/O 99 Apo, Distt East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya
2.Army Public SchoolRi-BhoiUmroi Military Station Meghalaya
3.Army Public School Happy ValleyEast Khasi HillsArmy School Happy Valley58 Gorkha Training Centrehappy Valleyshillong, Meghalaya-793007
4.Assam Rifles Public SchoolEast Khasi HillsLaitk Shillong, East Khasi Hills Meghalaya
5.B K Bajoria SchoolEast Khasi HillsBoyce Road Shillong Meghalaya
6.B S F Sr Sec SchoolEast Khasi HillsUmpling Shillong Meghalaya
7.Christ SchoolRi-BhoiChrist Schoolnongsder, Umiam P.O.,Barapani, Meghalaya
8.Cmcl Vidya Bharati SchoolJaintia HillsCement Manufacturing Company Limited, Lumshnong Jaintia Hills, Khliehriat, Meghalaya
9.Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaEast Garo HillsWilliam Nagar East Garo Hills Meghalaya
10.Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaEast Khasi HillsMawsyn Ram, Distt. East Khasi Hills-Ii, Meghalaya
11.Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaEast Khasi HillsNiyangbari East Khasi Hills Meghalaya
12.Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaJaintia HillsMukhla, Dt- Jayantia Hills, P.O. Thadlaskein, Meghalaya
13.Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaWest Garo HillsBaghmara West Garo Hills Meghalaya
14.Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaWest Garo HillsKenrikona, Po Mahederganj Distt South West Garo Hills Meghalaya
15.Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaWest Khasi HillsNongpyndeng Po- Nongstoin Dt- West Khasi Hills Meghalaya
16.Kendriya VidyalayaEast Khasi HillsEastern Air Command Nonglyer Upper Shillong Shillong Meghalaya
17.Kendriya VidyalayaEast Khasi HillsN E H U Permanent Campus Umshing Shillong Meghalaya
18.Kendriya VidyalayaEast Khasi HillsLaitkor Peak Shillong Meghalaya
19.Kendriya VidyalayaEast Khasi HillsHappy Valley Shillong Meghalaya
20.Kendriya VidyalayaRi-BhoiNepa Barapani Meghalaya
21.Kendriya VidyalayaRi-BhoiUmroi Cantonment Barapani, Ri-Bhoi Distt, Meghalaya
22.Kendriya VidyalayaWest Garo HillsTura West Garo Hills Meghalaya

ICSE Schools of Meghalaya

Name of SchoolsDistricts
St. Edmund’s SchoolEAST KHASI HILLS
Shillong Public SchoolEAST KHASI HILLS
Meghalaya Police Public SchoolEAST KHASI HILLS
Jowai Public SchoolJAINTIA HILLS
Tura Public SchoolWEST GARO HILLS

Other Private Schools of Meghalaya

Apart from the above listed schools, hundreds of other schools are located in the state that offer education to the students at primary level. We have provided the name of 20 schools each from in all 11 districts of the state in the separate tables below:

Schools In East Garo Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Awangga L.P.School
2Dambo U.P.School
3Awangga U.P.School
4Warikada L.P. School
5Dambo Reserve L.P.School
6Dambo Mrok L.P.School
7Dambo Reserve U.P. School
8Chibok Apal U.P.School
9Gabil Patal L.P.School
10Gabil Rogu L.P.School
11Gabil Daningka U.P.School
12Mejolgre Dogru L.P. School
13Gabil Ading L.P.School
14Doodu L.P.School
15Don Bosco L.P. School
16Danal Suregittim L.P.School
17Rongdu Dikka L.P.School
18Nongchram Dachi L.P School
19Nongchram L.P.School
20C.O.G. L.P. School

Schools In East Jaintia Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Jalaphet Simser Lps
2Syrlein Secondary School Jalaphet
3Thana Mulait Lps
4Narwan St. Mary’s Ups
5Jalaphet Circle Ups
6Narwan Lumlama Lps
7Jingshai English Lps Jalaphet
8Narwan Govt Lps
9Mulait Bri Sutnga Rclps
10Jalaphet Mushut Rclps
11Mulait Bri Sutnga Ups
12Narwan Secondary School Narwan
13Tympiahkasu Lps
14Shur Shur Lps Jalaphet
15Ynniaw Kilo Lps
16Mulait Dong Syrman Lps
17Narwan Thwaisalong Lps
18Kyrluh Lps
19Shur Shur Ups Jalaphet

Schools In East Khasi Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Nayapara Ssa Up School
2Sonatola Up
3Telsora ‘A’ Lp
4Dopho Dopgoan Ssa Lp School
5Nongkriah Border Ssa Lps
6Sonatola Govt Lp
7Dopho Dopgoan Ssa Up School
8Weisohpieng Lp
9Purananagar Ssa Lp School
10Telsora ‘B’ Lp School

Schools In North Garo Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Reking U.P. School
2Dilma Adap Govt. U.P.S
3Adokgiri Sec. School
4Adokgre Govt. U.P.S
5Rangket U.P School
6Adokgre Govt. J.B. School
7Sunrise English School
8Dilma Adap Govt. L.P.S
9Gorok Govt. L.P.S
10Chigranggre Govt. L.P.S
11Omed Memorial Sec School
12Hill Side Eng. School
13Imsambal Upgraded U.P.S.
14Rangga Nadilwang Govt.L.P.S.
15Rev. Tangkan Memo. Eng. School
16Wakguram L.P. School
17Rajasimla Reserve
18Konchikol Aga Govt.L.P.S.
19Kunchikal U.P.S.
20Rangga Upgraded U.P.S

Schools In Ri Bhoi

Sr. No.List Of The Schools In Marngar Crc Cluster, Umling Block
1Umshakait U.P.School
2Lumkya Pres Up School
3Rclp Umshakait
4Little Angel Lp School
5Umkyrpiang Up School
6Seng Khasi U.P. School, Noagang, Marngar
7Pres Lp Umsawasdi
8Pres. Lp School, Umkyrpiang
9St. Alfred’s Lp School
10Borkhatsari Presbyterian Sec. School
11Nagarabill Lp School
12Pillangkata Govt Lp School
13Nongthymmai Garo Up School
14Timbokgre Lps
15St. Paul Secondary School
16Chibra Lp School
17Lalmati Up School
18Nongthymmai Garo Lp School
19Umtyrnga Pres Sec. School
20Maikhuli Up School

Schools In South Garo Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Hathisil Govt. Lps
2Muji Agalgre Ssa Ups
3Kolkatola Govt. Lps
4Muji-Agalgre Govt. Lps
5Nepalgre Lps
6St. Claret U.P. School
7St.Claret Ampati Lps
8Agalgre Ups
9Chigitchakgre Dabanbil Lps
10Agatchigre Lps
11Bandoraja Ssa Ups
12Betasing Khongpara Ssa Ups
13New Bokmagre Lps
14Kharugaon Govt. Lps
15Betasing Ups
16Marpara Govt. Lps
17Betasing Higher Sec. School
18Malchapara Ssa Ups
19Kharugaon Taripara Ssa Lps
20Betasing Govt. Lps

Schools In South West Garo Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Malchapara Govt. Lps
2Ulubari Govt. Lps
3Mohisbathanpara Govt. Lps
4Bainapara-Koch Lps
5Nirghini Ssa Ups
6Christ King Pvt. Eng. School
7Chengkhali Assamese Lps
8Rongramgre Ssa Ups
9Nirghini Govt. Lps
10Rongramgre Govt. Lps
11Akonggre Pvt. English School
12Monabari (R) Lps
13Teporpara G/A Secondary School
14Monabari Ups
15Rangapani Lps
16Joyfar Ups
17Tangabari Govt. Lps
18Holy Childhood English School
19Isaguri SSA LPS
20Isaguri SSA UPS

Schools In South West Khasi Hills

Sr. No.List Of The Schools In Jakrem Crc Cluster, Mawkyrwat Block
1Jakrem Govt. Lps
2Lumtyngun Rclps
3Pyndeniasiat Rclps
4Jakrem Pres Ups
5Seng Samla Lps
6Four Sister Lps Kner Lyngdoh
7Jakrem Presbytarian Secondary School
8Mawrangkynda Cog Secondary School, Jakrem
9St.Michael Ups
10Lummawbah Rclps
11Mawsdei Lps
12Lawblei C.O.G Lps
13Mawkohniam Lps Ragmaw
14Tynong Pres Lps
15Rangmaw C.O.G Secondary School
16Mawbrei Thongni Lps
17Mawiawkon Laitkroh Lps
18Peter’s Lps, Mawiawkon
19Mawbrei Thongni Ups
20Rose Memorial Lps Rangmaw

Schools In West Garo Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Dallanggre Lps
2Chibonggre Govt. Lps
3Dallanngre Ssa Ups
4Tiny Rose Ssa Ups
5Ajigre Gonme Ssa Ups
6Sathegre Lps
7Ajigre Ssa Lps
8St. Little Flower Lps
9Kosigre Ssa Lps
10Little Flower Sec. School
11Rongkhongre Ssa Ups
12Chanangpara Lps
13Chigitchakgre Ups
14Cherangre Ssa Ups
15Rom Sangsilgre Getisons Ups
16Chigitchakgre Govt. Lps
17Rongsakgre Ssa Lps
18Dura Sangsilgre Ssa Lps
19Dura Sangsilgre Ssa Ups
20Rabonggre Non-Govt. Lps

Schools In West Jaintia Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Riwar Jaintia Cog Secondary School
2Amlarem Secondary School
3Ka Syiem Jingsuk Lps
4Manghairyum Ups
5Amtapoh Ups
6Ka Syiem Jingsuk Ups
7Pdengkarong Govt. Ps
8Dapdeng Dclp School
9Amlarem Ups
10Riwar Jaintia Cog Ups
11Thangbuli Ups
12Amwi Sec School
13Shkentalang Sec School
14Shkentalang Lps
15Marbailon Lps
16Jarain Govt. Lps
17Amwi Jarain Ups
18Shkentalang Govt. Lps
19Shkentalang Ups
20Renaissance English School Jarain

Schools in West Khasi Hills

Sr. No.Name of Schools
1Mawlieh Laitdom Rclps
2Evergreen L.P.School Mawpun
3Mawlieh Laitdom Govt.Lps
4Weimynsier Rclps
5Weimynsier Pres Lps
6Laitdom Presbyterian Secondary School
7Sohtyngkhur Ch (Day) Lps
8Sohtyngkhur Govt. Lps
9Nongkhah Rcups
10Pyndeng Langsniang Lps
1Lyngdoh Masi Govt Lps
2Manai U.P.S
3Manai Lps (Day Sec)
4Ladmiri Lps
5Donbosco Mawsawa Rcups
6Nongktieh(Manai) L.P.S
7Mawsawa Manai L.P.S
8Pyndengnongbri Ups
9Lyngdoh Masi Rclps
10Sohkhlur L.P.S
11Manai Secondary School
12Wahlakhaw Govt Lps
13Madan Phlang Rclps
14Nongthliew Sharum Lps
15Domtraw Govt L.P.S
16Pyndeng Nongbri Govt. L.P.S
17Nonglyer Lps
18Dewsaw Nongthliew Govt. Lps
19Kynsew Govt. Lps
20Langkyrteng L.P.S

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